I Need Us

Rediscovering Church


“Church.”  Just saying the word brings up a range of feelings and stereotypes.  What if “church” is far more beautiful, powerful and sacred than we have ever imagined?  What if “church” was one of the greatest and least-opened gifts God ever gave to His people?  What if “church” was not meant to be a place to go, but a family to experience?  What if church was meant to be the ongoing incarnation of Jesus Himself, the group hug of God, and the transformation that explodes from that supernatural embrace?  It is all that.  And more.  Join us to Rediscover Church.  We, and our community, will never be the same.

Our regular weekly services are at 9 am (Children's church offered) & 10:30 am (college lunch to follow) every Sunday at Bethany.  Located next to Wells Fargo, behind Powerstop.